Head Coach: Jenny Masterman
I started trampolining when I was just 6 years old and completed my first coaching course at the age of 16 years.
I have a passion for trampolining and thoroughly enjoy coaching it, I also take great pleasure in organising activities and developing others potential.
I have been coaching in the area since 2002, all starting when I moved to Stoke-on-Trent to begin my degree in sports studies at Staffordshire University(achieving 2:1 BSc Honours). After finishing my degree I was further able to increase trampolining sessions and now coach approximately thirty hours per week.
I am a British Gymnastics Coach (level 3) and use their award scheme to provide structure and progression within my sessions. I am still striving to improve my own trampolining skills and complete the BG award scheme myself. I have recently started to compete again along with some of my trampolinists.

Level 2 Coaches: Kirsty Moore, Jackie Rust, Dave Rust

Kirsty Moore
I began trampolining when I was age 10 and completed my first coaching course when I was 16 years old. I then went on to complete my second coaching course at the age of 18 years as I wanted to further develop my coaching skills and begin to run my own classes. I am now a Level 2 British Gymnastics Coach.
I enjoy coaching trampolining and playing a part in enhancing others potential in developing their trampolining skills.
I have been coaching for around 2 years now and I currently coach approximately 16 hours per week. I am currently in my first year studying Law at Keele University, with future aspirations to pursue a career in this area. I do, however, wish to continue coaching trampolining in the years to come as it is something which I enjoy and don’t intend to give up.

Jackie Rust
I am 47 years old and have been trampoline coaching for nearly eight years. I began coaching , never having been on a trampoline in my life before, when I met my now husband Dave who is also a trampoline coach. I began volunteering at Blackpool Tiggers, a trampolining charity for children on the Autistic spectrum, which was co founded by Dave. We still volunteer there every Sunday. At Tiggers I discovered my passion for coaching children with special needs.
In 2009 I became a British Gymnastics L1 coach and in 2010 I became a British Gymnastics L2 coach, both courses funded by the patients at my ‘day’ job at a local Opticians practice. As a L2 coach I am able to run sessions on my own and so when I qualified I looked for places to run sessions for kids with special needs here in Stoke, I felt (and still feel) that I want to use my skills to give something back to others.
In 2011 I began volunteering at North Staffordshire Trampolining , here I offer one to one coaching to children with any special needs, we do two one hour sessions a week during term time and have the pleasure of working with some wonderful children.
I aim to carry on coaching for as long as I’m physically able.

Dave Rust
I am aged 55 father of three and grandfather to seven. I started coaching as a volunteer 11 years ago for a Blackpool charity called Blackpool Tiggers; a club run specifically for children and adults with Autism. I specialise in special needs coaching and so I have also volunteered with North Staffordshire Trampolining (NST). I am a qualified Sports Therapist, First Aider; I have completed my British Gymnastics (BG) safeguarding and child protection, BG Disability Training and BG Club Management. As soon as I refresh my Time to Listen course I will be the welfare Officer for NST.
I am devoted to coaching children and adults who need a little extra assistance. I have been honoured to have so many enthusiastic and skilled students. I share the joy of each and every one of their achievements. All sports have a positive effect on the student and the trampoline hits all the core muscles and builds strength, balance and confidence as well as a great cardio vascular workout.

Level 1 Coaches: Nadine Horton- Birch, Ethan Hassall
Nadine Horton-Birch
Hi, I am 20 yrs old and started trampolining whilst in Year 11 at school. Jenny asked if I would like to do coaching, so I did my Award Scheme coach course at Stafford and my level 1 last July which I passed and I am now currently doing my level 2 coaching course which I am hoping to pass next March. I currently coach trampolining 6 days per week in Congleton, Stoke On Trent and Newcastle Under Lyme.

Assistant Coaches: Leah Chandler, Gavin Jones, Felicity Porter, Donna Ruscoe, Chloe Pickin, Shelley Pickin

Leah Chandler
Hi, I am 15 years old and I have been trampolining with Jenny for 9 years and I am working my way through award 12 in the award scheme. I am hoping to do my level 1 coaching course next year
I am currently doing my GCSE’S and when I finish them I plan to go to Buxton and Leek College to do a vocational course in sports, outdoor, coaching and fitness. Once I have finished college I would like a career in sports coaching.
I love trampolining and really enjoy coaching it. I trampoline 3 times a week and I am part of and compete for the squad.
I was also born with bilateral cataracts and I have very little vision remaining in my right eye and don’t focus naturally on my own which can make some moves even more difficult but it just makes me even more determined and definitely hasn’t held me back!

Gavin Jones
I have recently moved up to Stoke On Trent from Stevenage in Hertfordshire. I have only just started trampolining this year (2015) but have learnt fast and advance quickly, at present I am on Award 8 though wish to reach Award 10 so I can start doing somersaults. I have taken the Award Scheme Coach course so I can help others progress through their badges and coach 5 hours a week at present. I wish to take my Level 1 coach course next year.

Before moving up here I spent nine years as a dance instructor, working with my best friend teaching modern jive, which is a couples dance. I’m also majorly into my extreme sports.

Felicity Porter
I’ve only recently started to trampoline – as an adult it can be quite daunting, but I love it now. I never trampolined as a youngster and I missed out. The feeling of perfecting a move is awesome and being able to coach someone to perfect a move is unbelievably satisfying.

Donna Ruscoe
I’ve been trampolining for 2 years and a coach from September this year.
I found I had a passion for trampolining after I started to bring my daughters to class around 3 years ago. We now all trampoline together and it has helped bring us together as a family.
As I enjoy helping others I was asked if I would like to be a coach. The look on a child’s face once they have mastered a move is priceless; it is especially more rewarding when they have been stuck on a move and then it all comes together. I know how that feels as there are a few moves which I have struggled mastering in the past.